Castle of Roccacalascio
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 Castle of Roccacalascio

Built entirely in stone and used exclusively for military purposes, the castle is situated in a highly favourable defensive position.
It has a square plan with circular tower keeps at the corners and a square central tower.
The fortress, situated at the top of the village of Roccacalascio, has always had the important function of guarding the tracks and paths of the Aquila area.
Its strategical role, originally carried out by the central square tower, increased around the second half of the fifteenth century when the fortress passed from the baron of Carapelle to the ownership of the Piccolomini who reinforced it and trasformed it into the present powerful castle.
Particularly interesting is the village itself which was, in the past, connected with the castle by a wooden, retractable  bridge.
 Situated at c. 1500 metres, the castle of Roccacalascio is one of the highest fortresses in Italy.


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