Castle of Crecchio
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Castle of Crecchio
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 Castle of Crecchio

Visitors who walk through Crecchio can identify traces of the medieval village in the narrow passages surmounted by vaults and arches, in some little and in the castle towers that form the village boundary at the south.
The fortress is mentioned in sources from the from the XII century.
Readapted in the following centuries, lost its defensive use in the XVIII century and was transformed into a residential building by the Dukes De Riseis.
The building suffered extensive damage during the last world war; it was renovated recently and today houses the Byzantine and Early Medieval Museum of Abruzzo.
The material on exhibit shows not only the life of the Byzantines in the region and the war against the Goths, but also documents the arrival of the Longobards and the evidence of trading with Egypt and Asia Minor.

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