The Rosello fir-wood and waterfall of River verde(Borrello)
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 The Rosello fir-wood and waterfall of River verde(Borrello)

On the border between Abruzzo and Molise, this is one of the most interesting forests in the Apennines. Between 850 and 1179 metres above sea level, and crossed by the torrent Turcano, the Rosello Fir wood is largely composed of silver firs, which here present one of the most important autochthonous populations in the whole peninsula, side by side with beech trees, yews, lime trees and the rare Lobelius maple, which arrives at the northernmost limit of its distribution area here.

The undergrowth is also rich and beautiful here, including holly and butcher’s broom. The flowers of the area include crocuses, squills, martagon lilies, and several species of wild orchids. Though a Regional Nature Reserve and a WWF oasis protect it, the Rosello fir wood certainly does not deserve to be visited only by botanical student.
In the thick of the wood, besides the traces of martens, wolves and wild cats, it is possible to observe the flight of birds of prey such as the goshawk and the hawk, to listen to the call of the owl, or to come across elegant species such as the jay, the wood pigeon and the missel-thrush.
In the surrounding area don’t miss the beautiful waterfall formed by the waters of the River Verde.

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