The national park of Abruzzo
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The national park of Abruzzo
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 The national park of Abruzzo

The National Park of Abruzzo
(Foto D'Angelo)

The National Park of Abruzzo was established by a Royal decree of January 2 1923.
Its present-day area of 44.000 hectares includes 22 towns in the provinces of L’Aquila, Frosinone e Isernia.

Piano Cardoso
(Foto D'Angelo)

Shaped by numerous valleys and mountains with heights exceeding 2.000 metres, like Monte Greco (2285 m.) and Monte Marsicano (2245 m.), the territory of the Park is characterized by past phenomena of glaciation and karstification. The Sangro river, with its high-level course, flows through the entire protected area, where it also has its source. In the Park or close by, we can find several natural lakes such as : Lake Vivo, Lake Pantaniello and lake of Scanno not forgetting the artificial lakes such as Lake of Barrea. The Park is inhabited by bears, chamois, wolves, deer and roe-deer. The symbol of the Park is Marsican brown bear; at the present there are about 80 examples of bear living both in the Park area and in the nearby mountains.

There are about 40 wolves living in this National Park. In addition to the ones already mentioned, the mammalian species living in this protected area are about 60 , among which there are the marten, the otter, the badger the polecat, the wild boar, the squirrel. The ornithological species present in the Park are about 250. Among the birds we find the golden eagle, the peregrine hawk and the goshawk.

In the valleys we can admire a lush riparian vegetation with poplars and willows. Higher up, we find the typical species of the Apennine mountain woods, among which beech is the predominant one, intermingling with maple mountains ash, laburnum, wild apple and wild pear.
Local pinewoods of black pine can been seen at Villetta Barrea. 
In spring and in summer the Park is covered in colour with the flowering of gentians, violets, peonies, forget-me-not and irises.

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